If I can separate the two, I win. If the visionary can inspire and the craftsman is disciplined and inspired, the vision will become reality.

The problem with me is that the visionary is trying to be always present, overthinking and always dreaming. So the craftsman is confused and has no clear direction. So he becomes lazy.
Balance the 2 and magic will happen.
The visionary needs to leave precise instructions and the craftsman must be willing to perform at his best to meet the visionary’s dream.
It’s pretty simple when you think about it.
Just know which hat you’re wearing at the moment.
When you’re the visionary, you’re not worried about how anything will get done or what it will cost. You only have a vision and express it.
The craftsman understands the vision and figures out any possible way to get as close as possible to the vision. Sometimes the craftsman can exceed the visionary’s expectations.
Jose y el Maestro. Good analogy.
The visionary should define the outcome. The craftsman should try to exceed the expectations.
Both have to agree on the cost/sacrifice…

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